July 14, 2018 bolos kano

Bolos Kano

Bolos Kano means “Welcome.” This is how we greet in Maranao dialect. We welcome you all to come and visit our store Hometown Pasalubong Center. It is located at the 2ndfloor of Robinsons Mall, Macapagal Avenue, Tubod, Iligan City.

Hometown Pasalubong center is the store of pasalubong items locally produce in our very own community. When you talk about sweet delicacies, we have several of it, piaya, browa, kosiri, brownies, cheese-sticks and more. We also have locally made side dishes such as palapa, laing, takway and more. If you are healthy conscious, we also have some like ginger granules, turmeric blend, and healthy coffee. We also sell keepsake items. Our store is complete with pasalubong ideas from souvenir, health products and food stuff.

Thinking and planning of visiting your loved ones away from your home, don’t forget to bring something for them from our store and let them appreciate what we have to be proud of in Iligan City and the entire Lanao Province. Likewise, for non-Iliganon if you are visiting our city buy pasalubong items from our store and spread what we can offer to “bakasyonistas”.

I encourage everyone to click our website so you can see what is best for you. You can also like, share and comment at our facebook page: www.facebook.com/Robinsonsplaceiligan.

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