July 14, 2018 travel tips depart n arrive

Travel Tips Depart n Arrive

Travel Tips Depart n Arrive

This article “Travel Tips Depart n Arrive” will give you ideas about travels.

In traveling, there are two scenarios, the departure and arrival.

Since our products are best for the travelers, we will give you some tips about travels.

Here are some dos and don’ts about air travel.


  • Check your flight schedule and call the customer care services before leaving to the airport. Sometimes flight will change, it’s either cancelled or delayed. Doing these can save a lot of unexpected inconvenient.
  • Go to the airport 2 to 3 hours before flight schedule. Sometimes you got stuck up in the midst of traffic jam.
  • Carry all your related travel documents (plane ticket, boarding pass and valid identification card, have it arranged and in order to avoid cramming at the airport.
  • Bring enough snack and drink in case you get hungry (you can buy at our store). This will save your travel cost as food stuff at the airport are highly expensive.


  • Don’t bring prohibited and dangerous items. You can check the details at the airline website.
  • Don’t put your valuables, cash and medications inside your checked-in baggage. You might need them in the midst of flight travel.

Apart from do’s and don’t, we should also consider our goals.  Target goals to make our every travel a momentous experience. Travels need not to be expensive. It is better to plan our travels ahead of time and of course plan it together with our families or friends. Group travel save us money. There are plane tickets and accommodation that offer discounts.

Some more tips, buy your food stuff at Hometown Pasalubong Center as you might get hungry during the travel and you can also bring home some stuff as pasalubong to your loved ones.

Hometown Pasalubong Center welcome you aboard!

Have a safe travel and enjoy!



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