Pasalubong is a nourishment more often than not purchased the explorers that conveyed happiness to its goal. It is tradition of the Filipino citizen in the Philippines. Pasalubong offers much taste that brings happiness together to your loved ones, friends and colleagues. It can be a gift or sort of a souvenir for a short moments of time.

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HomeTown Pasalubong Center offers variety of products situated at Robinson’s Mall in Iligan City. Their products creates a sort of social gathering when a perfect pasalubong product comes. A warm conversation creates an optimistic topic throughout the expressive moments while having a bite of pasalubong. A sensory stimulation of emotion results from the  happy assembly of loved ones, friends, and colleagues.

Customers is delighted to its products because of it several variety to choose from. There will be surprised by its accommodating salesperson that who will share a reliable information to each of the products. An attractive color to each of the product will bring a sense of taste to your perception. Once you grab one of these, you’ll had a great expectation of the taste. Its brings an appreciation once you hear the crisp of the bite and perfect fluffiness once you’ve touch. What you’ve seen in the videos or photos, our product’s contents, quality and quantity will definitely blend to your taste. Grab it now while supplies last.No preservatives and natural flavors makes our product arise. Products contains precious ingredients that makes taste great.

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