July 14, 2018 bolos kano

Bolos Kano

Bolos Kano means “Welcome.” This is how we greet in Maranao dialect. We welcome you all to come and visit our store Hometown Pasalubong Center. It is located at the 2ndfloor of┬áRobinsons Mall, Macapagal Avenue, Tubod, Iligan City. Hometown Pasalubong center is the store of pasalubong items locally produce in our very own community. When […]

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July 14, 2018 travel tips depart n arrive

Travel Tips Depart n Arrive

Travel Tips Depart n Arrive This article “Travel Tips Depart n Arrive” will give you ideas about travels. In traveling, there are two scenarios, the departure and arrival. Since our products are best for the travelers, we will give you some tips about travels. Here are some dos and don’ts about air travel. Dos: Check […]

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